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My mother Millie died from a cerebral hemorrhage an hour after I was born. A brain aneurysm ruptured because of increased blood pressure during childbirth. She was undiagnosed but had ADPKD - Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease - and aneurysms are one of the possible effects of the disease.

I grew up in the small rural community of Winsted. After my mother's death, my grandmother Monica came to live with my father and I in Winsted. Along with a neighbor, Fran Green, they raised me until the age of 2 1/2, when my father remarried.

My grandmother then went back to her home in Newington (about 50 miles away) where she lived with her daughter and grandchildren. My grandmother was my "mom" and I felt bad that she was leaving me. When she left. I gave her my Raggedy Andy doll to keep her company. For the rest of her life, my grandmother kept that Raggedy Andy doll resting and sitting upright on her bed pillow.

My father, G. Gordon Price, was a banker and was very active volunteering in the community. He also volunteered as Treasurer on the Gilbert High School Board and on the Economic Development Board for the town. He was also an active member of Kiwanis.

As a youth I practiced magic. As a teenager, my hobby was building electronic devices and speaker systems.

I graduated from University of Hartford's Ward Technical College with a certificate in electronics and from Central Connecticut State University with a bachelor degree in political science and computer science. I also attended Hartwick College, Hartford State Technical College, and the University of Connecticut.

I married a "little French girl" (as my father referred to her) and we have two delightful daughters - Martha and Monica - both with red hair (my ex-wife, who is also a red-head, got her wish). She told me when we got married that I was not to "mess with her genes." We were married for 29 years.

I worked for almost two decades in the electronics and computer support fields. After an outsourcing of technical support at Pfizer, I went back to school and studied occupational therapy at Manchester Community College. I was a licensed COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant) in Connecticut for several years, until retirement in 2013. I had a particular interest in assistive technology, stemming from my prior careers in electronics and computer support.

I currently live with my first-born daughter Monica in Uncasville. Now retired from a career in occupational therapy, I spend my time learning to play bass guitar, gardening (both indoor and outdoor), working on websites for special needs families, and developing assistive technology and adapted devices for my daughter Monica.

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